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Sketchbook: week 7

This week’s sketch had to be inspired by Halloween. I’m often inspired by spooky, supernatural, and weird tales as a default so this of course is my favorite holiday!

skeletons ghost pumpkin

I’ve been watching some scary movies, some Twilight Zone and X-Files episodes, and reading lots of Lovecraft stories throughout the month to get into the Halloween spirit. If you enjoy podcasts, you might like Welcome to Night Vale– it is awesome and weird.

I hope everyone has a fun Halloween- look out for those monsters, ghosts, voids, and unknowable creatures!

Sketchbook: week 6

This week has been full of fun projects, including 2 commissions- one of which is complete- hooray! I’ll be able to share more soon. I’ve still managed to keep up with sketching – this week entailed a lot of quick and rough sketches as I had more ideas to capture before I forgot them. Here is this week’s sketch I want to share with you:

girl in bed with ghosts around her


I’ve been continuing on with my ghost series, as you can see. This little sketch has a lot of meaning in it to me and will very likely get painted because of it. I’ve been thinking a lot about my grandmother- she passed away years ago but was a very important female figure in my life. She loved a good story and I think I get that trait from her. She was artistically inclined- as is my mother and one of her favorite places was her bed- she loved to read, sleep in and just hang out in her bed. I have a vivid memory of my grandfather showing me a picture of her lounging in bed with a book and him saying how much she just loved to be right there with her thoughts. I also love my bed- I love sketching, daydreaming, reading, and napping in my bed- it’s just the most comfortable, coziest, and safest place to be vulnerable and be yourself. Some of my best sketches come from late at night, just before I settle in to go to sleep and I have just a burst of ideas I need to capture. If I don’t get them down right then….they sometimes are lost forever. This is one of those sketches.


Sketchbook: week 5 and news!

I have some great news to share this week! Because of all of your votes, I made it to the top 5 for RAW Artist of the Year in Reno! Thank you everyone for supporting me and nominating me.

Thanks also to those who keep ordering prints in the store. I do have some new prints in my shop. If you haven’t yet seen, I’ve added 3 new prints from the ghosts series I’ve been working on. Stay tuned for more on that- I have a lot more work to come.

There is a group show at Noble Pie Pizza coming up November 7th, so if you’re in the Reno area, please come by for pizza, beer, and art- should be a fun time!

I have a number of other great projects in the works, including a commission, a couple gallery proposals, continuing my ghost series, starting two new series/bodies of work, and a few secret projects up my sleeves. I wish I could get myself to paint and draw even faster as I have so much I want to share with all of you.

Here is my latest sketch for this week. I haven’t drawn a narwhal in a little while and this one has a little twist!

narwhal boy


Imagine swimming peacefully only to come up to this creature in the deep! Don’t worry though…he’s friendly and just a little curious.


Sketchbook: week 4

Here we are with sketch number 4! I’ve been thinking a lot about female characters and role models and stuff like that lately- more than I’ll delve into here. It seems strange to me that more characters in movies, tv, and video games aren’t female…or if they are- why aren’t they better written to better inspire everyone? It’s complicated for sure…but I’m guessing not as complicated as these industries would like us to think it is. It seems like a lot of people out there underestimate women as a default which is unfortunate for us all. So I give you this brave lady:

Honeybadger girl


If you think honeybadgers don’t care….and they don’t….well look at how much she cares about the honeybadger. And maybe that honeybadger is even her spirit animal. So there.

I would not underestimate her.

Etsy Treasury Features

Having an Etsy store means that there is a whole big community that I get to be part of. There are so many artists, crafters, illustrators, jewelry makers, and more making and selling work in this great marketplace. There are also a lot of curators who gather together items from various shops to create Treasuries. I’ve been lucky enough to be featured in two!

Take a look at What Does the Fox Say which includes my Surprised Fox print.

red fox


And then take a look at Things That begin with Y to see my Yeti featured in that Treasury!

yeti singing


It’s fun to see how people react to my work in various ways and I’m excited to have been featured in two very distinct and fun Treasuries!

Sketchbook: week 3

Happy Friday everyone! I seem to have robots on the brain still, so here is this week’s sketch:


robot and mouse holding hands

I really like the way this little robot came out and I couldn’t resist giving him a little animal friend holding a balloon. I have an idea brewing in my studio for a new ongoing project and I’m thinking of incorporating some of these sketches into it. Stay tuned! beep. bop. boop.

ghost series: heartstrings II

A little while back I wrote about my latest work being focused on ghosts and exploring what a ghost might represent. I’ve just completed my latest painting called Heart Strings II:

heart strings ghosts


This one was a bit more personal and pushed me as an artist in some new ways- conceptually and technically. As I thought about the past and childhood, I thought about when I was young and how I imagined who I was at that moment and how this perception of who I saw myself as has changed over time- probably dozens and dozens of times. Here is a close up of part of the painting:



I don’t think we entirely let go of these perceived selves and I thought about how much a part of me these versions of me have been and still are- good and bad. I’m really enjoying this direction and kind of just going with it. Trilobites have slowly made their way into my work as well – I’m fascinated by these creatures and their shapes. In it’s own way it too is a ghost from the past…