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artist residency at St. Mary’s Art + Retreat Center


SMAC photo taken from their FB page


Next month…just a few more days away…I’ll be one of the resident artists working out of St. Mary’s art + retreat center. This will be my first residency and I am so excited. I’ve been working away to prepare and pack and next week I should be setting up and making more new work- hopefully hitting the ground running.

If you don’t know about this historical and magical place, it used to be a hospital opened in 1876, that has been since converted into an art and retreat space. It’s located in Virginia City, NV which is an interesting and quirky place to visit and explore. To read more- check out their history page.

I’ll also be part of the SMAC exhibitions opening reception on April 25th 1-4pm. I’ll be showing new work and I’m thrilled to share I’ve got a good chunk of my children’s picture book put together. I’ll be showing some finished paintings from that as well as preliminary sketches, character sketches, storyboard work, and early concepts. You’ll get to see the inside guts of what a picture book is really made of and the work involved- I hope you’ll join us for a fun day. The events at St. Mary’s are always a treat and the other artist’s showing are exceptional- I’m so lucky to be showing with them.

I will be blogging my experiences throughout the residency; I don’t know yet how often, but check here regularly starting next week to see photos, works in progress, and updates.

trying something new: sculpture

Despite having a pretty full plate, I’ve been itching to experiment a little bit and try something new. I haven’t really done much sculpture before and it’s such a different thing for me so I figured I would give it a shot. I love animation, sculpture, and set design so it’s somewhat related to that. I don’t really know that I’d ever make animation myself (super crazy time intensive) but I really do enjoy stop animation like the Box Trolls and Wallace and Gromit. I have a lot of ideas for 3D things and so I bought some bricks of Sculpey and some sculpting tools and I’m slowly learning how to make things. Here is a picture of my first attempt at a character sketch/design as an exercise for my picture book and some teeny little sculptures I started with:

Lisa Kurt //sculpture //

and here they are after baking in the oven…not too much different but less shiney:

Lisa Kurt //sculpture //

Making them was a mixture of fun and worry for me. I was worried about them breaking in the oven, I worried they wouldn’t look good, and I did have to redo a couple parts because of the way I held the pieces as I was working. It gets me thinking about how I should build them in the future and how to work the details in next time. The next step for these is to paint them, which will be a completely new experience for me to paint sculpture, but I’m looking forward to it since I love to paint. I also want to make a larger piece but I need to study how to build armatures first so it doesn’t fall apart as I build it. Wish me luck!!