ghost series

So I’ve been working on another series- for the last few years I’ve been exploring the idea of ghosts and the possibilities they may represent. It seems that I keep getting lured back into drawing ghosts in different ways and drawing them is so appealing that I never get tired of it- in fact, I just get more pulled into drawing them.

girl and ghosts

And a disclosure…I didn’t mean to do this series near Halloween and in fact I began painting this series during the summer without Halloween on the brain at all. Maybe it’s fitting I release the first paintings in the fall but certainly these ghosts are a bit different than the Halloween kind!

ghosts with heart strings

Ghosts are symbolic of the past, memory, perhaps unfulfilled lives, hauntings, melancholy, a representation of what once was, nature/unnatural, sadness, growth, the unexplained, among many other things. There is something I love about mystery and all things unexplained; you’ll see that crop up in my work in a variety of ways. These are the things swirling in my head these days and so you have my latest series of paintings, ghosts. These two paintings are the start of this series; there are prints of these two available on my shop with more to come soon. I have another ghost painting in process and we’ll see where this takes me. This is just one part of my ghost exploration- sometimes the ghosts take different shapes and forms but this is where I am at the moment.

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  1. Richard Bottcher


    I am Charlene’s cousin and I live in Michigan now. I have been to reno and Tahoe many times and love it.
    This is what I believe–something is out there!! I do not see ghosts but I hear things like the voice of my mother in that brief time before I fall fast asleep–twilight. Does that make sense to you? If someone is trying to reach us during the day when our heads are filled with thoughts and problems would be the worst time but…… sleep or better just before I fall asleep I think we are open to hearing things we would not normally hear.
    What do you think?

    • lisakurt

      Hi Rick,

      I find these kinds of things fascinating. The experience with your mother’s voice is amazing. I enjoy thinking about this stuff and I really love the mystery of all of it. I’m especially interested in exploring what we might think of as ghosts- so rather than focus on only the supernatural aspect- I like to think about how ghosts can represent other things- like a memory or a loss or the past. Thanks so much for responding!

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