Sketchbook: week 8 and more news!

I’m excited to share that I have some work in a group show tonight, so if you’re in the Reno area- stop by Noble Pie Parlor between 7-10pm for a great show! The work will be up for about a month- so please stop by. I have 3 new pieces- all graphite drawings on archival paper. I’ll share those images later- I promise!

This week’s sketch is inspired by one of my favorite and ubiquitous animals- the beloved feline. I decided I wanted to make a Patron Saint for Hover Cats. If you own or spend enough time around cats- you will recognize this phenomena where cats legs disappear and they become hovering beings. There is also a hover cat on Welcome to Night Vale- he sounds a little scary though. Anyway- enjoy!

patron saint of hover cats

2 Responses to “Sketchbook: week 8 and more news!”

  1. Hannah

    Hi Lisa! I found your work and blog through Fresh Hues. I absolutely love your illustrations! I wish I would have pursued the art of drawing a little more in school when I was really creative. I still doodle nowadays but I spend most of my creativity on photography, styling, and watercolor. Also, I love that you are also a Nevadan! (although I’m from Vegas, I always get excited when I meet a blogger/artist from NV). I didn’t find the blog world until I moved out of Nevada but looking back I never even thought that I would find creative kindred spirits from my home state.

    Sorry for the book! Happy Tuesday 🙂

    • lisakurt

      Hello Hannah! It really is wonderful to meet fellow creative kindred spirits from Nevada! Thanks so much for your great message- you made my day and week. 🙂

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